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Data Science Without Tears

A Bootcamp offered to faculty members to enhance data acumen at UWO

Data Science Without Tears

Welcome, colleagues!

The new year brings new opportunities for learning and professional development.

As part of ongoing efforts to help build data acumen across campus, Western is offering a six-week bootcamp for faculty members and postdocs called “Data Science Without Tears”.

The course takes only eight hours per week over six weeks and will cover the basics of data science. The course includes practical, hands-on exercises in Python notebooks, which are essential tools for data science work that can be accessed through your browser with no installation needed!

The course is designed to be accessible and welcoming for those new to data science. No tears here!

The bootcamp will help you:

Are you ready to take your research to the next level with a better understanding of data science?


The third session will run for six weeks and begins September 20th, 2021. There will be one synchronous component: “Coffee House Hours”, where you can use that time as dedicated study time or ask the developers questions.

To register, sign up via the following form: Register Here

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Topics Covered

This is an inexhaustive list of topics that we cover in this bootcamp: